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Navigate to the #bot-commands channel and type in

 /redeem [your code]

Make sure to link your Discord account to your Zenith account at !

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorZenith: The Last City
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsText based, zenith


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Okay i have done this transmission which by the way was amazing but and the game is out but im just wandering how do i redeem the item


I was wondering about the same. I haven't found any place where to redeem these codes.

If you link to the discord you can do /redeem in the bot commands channel which worked for me

I'll try that. Thanks.


Deleted post

Nice. Playing for loot even before the game comes out. Thanks for the bot.


I'm telling everyone, i love this mess and I hope this continues even after launch but even if it doesn't imma love going around with my little since buddy and my cool, sorta broken, science glove


For anyone who cannot figure out the puzzle at the end, it is how many letters are in the colors name like 3 is the first number because red is the first color and there are 3 letters in red.

Yet another amazing transmission story experience! From the great story-telling to the fantastically created mini-puzzle experience!

Phew!  That one was a lot of work, unless I'm just really dumb, I wasn't able to figure out the pattern, just had to brute force random numbers in.

same took a lot of time

The code is the number of letters in the color name. Red has 3 letters, blue has 4, etc. 

oh totally didn't get that, I just bruteforced it lol

It seems like most people did :)

I did too until I looked at the comments XD

Well a pen and paper did help a lot well to write my attempts and number😅

Heck yeah


that's good


Heck yea!